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WGM couple as emcees for Golden Disk Awards 2017 – who are they trying to save?

Much to the delight of shipper fans of “We Got Married” YongSeo couple from a bygone era, it was announced early morning on 22 Dec 2016 that CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, together with Hwang Chi Yeul, will be partnering Girls’ Generation’s maknae, Seo Hyun to form the MC trio for the first award day (13 January 2017), focusing on digital music while Kang Sora, currently in the limelight for her recently-started relationship with established actor, Hyun Bin, will host the second day with Sung Si Kyung, focusing on music albums.

Considering the awkward interactions between Seo Hyun and Jung Yong Hwa during the virtual marriage show, right up to their short MC stint at Music Core, fans await with gasping breaths, if the uneasiness remains after all these years. One can only guess if GDA has a greater agenda on their plate, perhaps to act as a savior, but to who?

Seo Hyun?
With no SNSD or TTS comeback, the girl group’s maknae has been keeping herself busy participating in musicals, family concerts, dramas and even a Chinese movie in 2016. Her screen time in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” was rumoured to be heavily cut, with many of her scenes ending up in the editing room. Even though the role was supposedly meaty, Woo Hee (her screen character) still met with a tragic end, similar to Seo Hyun’s character in “Passionate Love”, her first Korean drama. Despite her acceptable performances in various musicals, the acting major graduate from Dongguk University has not been so lucky in her drama outfits so far, which included minor cameos in support of her previous co-stars. Music-wise, though heavily touted as the next in-line for a solo since both Taeyeon and Tiffany (the TT in TTS) have done theirs, to different levels of success, her fans are still waiting for SM Entertainment to release the good news. So perhaps, this MC coupling is timed to be in-line for her coming solo? Maybe SM wants to use this opportunity to reignite the love from their goguma fans (perhaps some long-lost) to show their support to Seo Hyun?

Jung Yong Hwa?
Ever since his “stock scandal” which was reported end June, the gregarious band leader has been keeping quiet on his social media until “Our Glory Days” concert tour which recently ended its run last month. However, that does not mean that the workaholic has been lazing around, instead, he had been preparing for his band’s album, his coming 2nd solo album, in addition to shooting his 5th drama “The Package”, partly filmed in France plus practicing and performing for the band’s and family concerts, and magazine shoots for the drama etc. Despite Seo Hyun’s fans insisting that FNC is using the “YongSeo” card to save Yong Hwa out of the rut, one highly discounts this accusation, upon knowing that the guy’s big screen debut is just around the corner, with a heavily invested 4-D Chinese movie “Cook Up a Storm” that will be shown in major cities in China and South-East Asia during the Lunar New Year period, followed by the broadcast of “The Package” in April 2017 in Korea and rumored Japan, China and South East Asian territories!

We Got Married?
With the coming curtain call of “Running Man”, many viewers have been querying on the worth of the extended continuance of “We Got Married”! Clouded in the dilemma of whether the screen couples have a script for their scenes, the reality show has had its fair share of love and hatred from the viewers. While the show has cultivated many ships for its various pairings throughout the years, none of these pairs have progressed to be a married couple so far. So perhaps, with this MC stint, one might be reminded of the program where the awkward couple first started, and perhaps re-create some interest for the viewers to watch the latest season of WGM?

So, is anyone excited to watch the Golden Disk Awards on 13 January 2017, which incidentally falls on a Friday!!! Share with us your views on who you think GDA is trying to save with this collaboration! Who in your opinion, stands to gain the most from this hyped exposure?

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