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Obvious eye contact between the Goguma (YongSeo) couple during K-pop Concert? Seriously??

According to Taiwanese Pop!weibo site, although Goguma couple Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun only spent a short time together on the stage of MBC DMC K-pop Festival Super Concert (on 5 Sep 2015), their eye contact was just too obvious!

The content of the article, which was gathered from fans’ weibo accounts, stated that during the rehearsal last weekend, when both CNBLUE and SNSD were on the same stage, Goguma fans discovered Yong Hwa’s strange gaze, was he staring at Seohyun?

“woke up early, image was too beautiful that I dare not look cr phokar ysth” quote from 甜甜的POTATO weibo

All above photos from 甜甜的POTATO weibo

The couple’s fans (shippers) expressed “I didn’t dare to look at the 5th photo ~ are both of them chatting behind?” “videos?”
The site obliged to the shippers’ request and prepared the full videos which according to the editor, were highly obvious

Photo from Pop!weibo site

From the ending rehearsal footages, the editor went on to give her views that in Video 1, in order to avoid gossip, Jung Yong Hwa had to hide behind his brothers. He even gave Jong Hyun a light push, as an indication for him to move forward and the editor, who claimed to have seen Jong Hyun’s smile then wondered if he was thinking “hyung, I understand!”

Check out the video to see if you can better interpret Jong Hyun’s smile

In Video 2, the site reported that it was now Seohyun’s turn to hide behind her sisters. At the 37 sec, Yong Hwa glanced at Seohyun for a good few seconds, before moving his body slightly behind, as though to see where Seohyun has moved to.

Judge for yourself Yong Hwa’s action from the video

The article ended with a reminder of the sweet memory of 2011 when the Goguma couple performed Love Light on stage during a K-pop concert held in Japan.

Photo from 北岛热带鱼 weibo

The content reported in Pop!weibo site is gathered from comments found in Weibo accounts.
Do you share the same view as these accounts?
Did you see the obvious (??) actions that were highlighted in the article? Or were the idols’ actions sorely misinterpreted?

Perhaps the view from another angle (for Video1) can assist in your decision

Credit to the original article found in

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