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EXCLUSIVE! Jung Yong Hwa Live In Singapore- One Fine Concert In One Fine City + Poster Giveaway

EXCLUSIVE! Jung Yong Hwa Live In Singapore- One Fine Concert In One Fine City + Poster Giveaway

On One Fine Day in Singapore, a leader of the band CNBLUE, performed his first solo concert, as part of his Asia tour, to a 90% filled audience at The Star Performing Arts Theatre, charming the crowd with his effortless stage presence and aptitude in handling the various genres of music.

In addition to performing all the songs from his first solo album One Fine Day, JUNG YONG HWA presented other CNBLUE hits that he had previously written. Though none of the collaborators in his 3 duets from the album were present, they were not missed as the lead vocalist managed to capture the essence of their performance, incorporating it into his one-man concert. Yong Hwa was spot-on in his impersonation of Yang Dong Geun, from the voice tone right down to how Yang slurs his words in Mileage. Although many were disappointed that local singer, JJ Lin was not present at the concert, he did send a flower hamper with the message: “Welcome to my hometown, you will always be family! Have fun!” The 2 musicians had previously performed their duet Checkmate `live’ on KBS Music Bank (23 Jan 2015) and JJ’s Timeline world tour in Beijing (9 May 2015). The next live collaboration will be in One Fine Day concert in Taipei (20 Jun 2015), 2 days prior to Yong Hwa’s 27th birthday.

EXCLUSIVE! Jung Yong Hwa Live In Singapore- One Fine Concert In One Fine City + Poster Giveaway

The energizer bunny’s immense good mood was apparent during the 2-hour show where he sang, danced, emceed & played the keyboard, mesmerizing the audience like a Prince Charming, albeit a sweaty one. Yong Hwa bravely conversed in English while injecting some local flavours “long time no see lah” “I can speak English very well you know?” “thank you lah” to the responsive fans.

To further prove his standard, Yong Hwa sang 2 English covers – Payphone and Treasure from his admired artistes. He even added “don’t believe me just watch” (from his favourite Uptown Funk) to the disco rendition of Feeling, an emotional slow song that was first released in 2012. Known for re-arranging his compositions for `live’ performances, Feeling was recently performed differently at CNBLUE’s concert in Japan with a string orchestra, showcasing the versatility of the gifted musician.

Never one to shy away from poking fun at himself, Yong Hwa confidently turned up the cheers with his childish antics and his `not-so-perfect’ dance steps, endearing himself more to his screaming fans when he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a toned chest before blaring I’m Sorry.

Most fans loved the fun interaction he had with members of the Jung Yong Hwa band. He’ll start each band member’s interview with “Are you happy?” sometimes adding in “I’m very happy” showing everyone his hyper good mood. While band members expressed their feelings through instruments, he’ll dance and hit the high notes, overwhelming the band as well as filling the theatre with laughter.

This set the high mood for the performance of his self-proclaimed Jung Yong Hwa’s greatest hit, You’ve Fallen For Me, one of the rare Korean songs not written by any CNBLUE members, yet played in many CNBLUE’s and Yong Hwa’s solo concerts.

EXCLUSIVE! Jung Yong Hwa Live In Singapore- One Fine Concert In One Fine City + Poster Giveaway

Local fans gave their full support to the various projects during the encore segment, noticeably for Star, You, where the audience each held a reflective cut-out, forming a magnificent sight of shining stars.

The charismatic artiste further displayed his musical flexibility in Love Light, by giving the light-hearted song that CNBLUE’s members sometimes perform at weddings, a fun & wacky delivery laced with reggae style, additional “beautiful love light” phrase sang in the tune of Beautiful Sunday and finishing the song with cabaret dance steps, emitting a totally different vibe from the original version! The talented young man from Busan penned the lyrics for this romantic song about his school days’ first love, during his scripted reality program years ago. He mentioned in one episode that the rap section was inspired by his then virtual wife, hence the first line “I’m Genie for you girl”!

EXCLUSIVE! Jung Yong Hwa Live In Singapore- One Fine Concert In One Fine City + Poster Giveaway

The audience obviously agreed with the charming frontman when he said “today is a One Fine Day because of you!” Watching Jung Yong Hwa or for that matter, CNBLUE ‘live’ is an experience that can never be replaced merely by listening to their albums, as these recordings are not able to provide the optimal satisfaction derived from their flexible and varied musical styles and abilities, even when they perform the same songs over and over again.

With the rousing finish to Yong Hwa’s performance of One Fine Day, the fans are definitely hoping that he will fulfill his claim “Thank you Shingapore! It was a great time with you! Thank you! I promise I will come back with a bigger concert!”

Watch the footages captured by the UpBeatz team to find out more!




You’ve Fallen For Me

Goodnight Lover

Star, You

Love Light

One Fine Day


1. Without You
2. Cruel Memories
3. One Time (Ryu Can Do It)
4. Checkmate
5. Payphone [Maroon 5 Cover]
6. Treasure [Bruno Mars Cover]
7. Mileage feat YDG
8. Last Leaf
9. Like A Child
10. Feeling
11. Energy
12. Can’t Stop
13. I’m Sorry
14. Lady
15. Man In Front of the Mirror
16. You’ve Fallen For Me
17. Goodnight Lover
18. 27 years
19. Star, You
20. Love Light
21. One Fine Day

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Article by: R Hui
Photos by: Lin

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